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Tile Contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners from Brookline and the Boston region often visit Watertown Tile Store. They peruse the monthly deals on quality flooring products and speak with Watertown Tile’s experienced staff. If you live in Brookline or the surrounding areas and want the most trusted tile and flooring in your home or office at prices that will not break your pocketbook, stop by their Arsenal Street location today.

At the store, you can see the enormous variety of tile in porcelain tile, ceramic tile, mosaic, stone, and even metal. From slate stone tiles for tiling your garden, granite or limestone slabs for your kitchen counters, or mosaics and metal tiles for your walls or fireplaces, there is something for everyone. Watertown Tile Shop also carries an assortment of wood flooring styles and series from manufacturers you know and trust.

Contact Watertown Tile or stop by the store at Arsenal Street in Watertown, Massachusetts. Clients come from all over the Brookline and Boston area. Like them, you can take advantage of Watertown Tile’s great deals today.


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Orleans Orleans Details $1.49 $6.95 sq.ft.
London London Details $1.49 $6.95 sq.ft.
Belice Belice Details $1.49 $6.95 sq.ft.
Bali Bali Details $1.49 $6.95 sq.ft.
Aspen Aspen Details $1.49 $6.95 sq.ft.
Terranova Terranova Details $1.49 $6.95 sq.ft.
Buxy Buxy Details $1.49 $6.95 sq.ft.
Alfa italy Alfa italy Details $1.49 $6.95 sq.ft.
Pastorelli Pastorelli Details $1.49 $6.95 sq.ft.
San Marco San Marco Details $1.49 $6.95 sq.ft.