Tile Furniture

Tile is a feature that has been around for years, but new unique ways of using it are growing more popular. One growing trend is tiling furniture.

If you have an old piece of furniture that has withstood the test of time but is showing its age, it has probably attained a sense of permanence in your home. The furniture might have been shuffled to the side, the basement, or a shadowed corner due to its condition. How would you like to rejuvenate that furniture, giving it new life, beauty, and many more years of use? It can easily be done today. Below are how-to articles and advice to help do-it-yourselfers make that same furniture a focal point and something to be proud of. Tile offers an elegant solution with the added benefit of durability and ease of use.

To find out more, read on. When finished, peruse the great flooring products in Watertown Tile’s inventory and the wonderful monthly sales. Or stop by our Arsenal Street showroom. The experienced Watertown tiling staff would love to help bring your family treasures new life.

  • Tying Aftermarket Jacuzzis into Your Home

    For many people an aftermarket Jacuzzi, while quite relaxing, can be an eyesore. However, it does not have to be. In fact, it can be tied into your home's décor quite affordably. Through the use of stone, ceramic, or porcelain tile, you can give your backyard or porch the elegant and comfortable look that creates an aesthetic you will appreciate every day.

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  • Tile Furniture Restoration

    Furniture, especially table tops, endure tons of abuse. Do you have a beloved end, center, or dining-room table that has become an eyesore? Listen up for an opportunity to rejuvenate and grant it a new lease on life.

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