Countertop Buying Guide

When considering what countertop should go in a kitchen, shop, or entertaining room, there are quite a few materials and designs to choose from—to go with granite, Formica, marble, quartz, or laminate? What room, office, or home the countertop will go in often dictates the quality and material you wish to purchase. However, there are many more details to keep in mind.

If the countertop is for an office or shop, durable stone or metal might be the best choice to endure more daily abuse. For your personal home instead of a rental property, something durable, elegant, and easy to clean would be ideal. While these concerns are significant, what about edge profiles, seams, grain direction, surface polishes, and sealing?

Whether hiring a contractor in the Boston area, Watertown Tile’s trained installation experts, or doing it yourself, please read the articles provided below to help address these issues. At Watertown Tile, your happiness with your countertop purchase and installation is the primary concern.

  • Quality Countertops for Your Renovation

    Whether you are completing a new home, commercial construction project, or renovating to give your location new comfort and feel, Watertown Tile is the best tile and flooring option. However, did you know customers come to Watertown throughout the Boston area for more than just tile? Watertown Tile also offers affordable prices on tools and even kitchen and bathroom accessories.

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